It’s March for The Arts in Delaware: How to inspire your child!

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It’s March, which means that the Delaware Division of the Arts and the Delaware Department of Education are celebrating March for The Arts!

Why is celebrating March for The Arts so important?

The Arts are an integral part of a lifelong education and contribute to the vitality of the state and its people. 

And, for young students, The Arts are even more important. Learning through The Arts reinforces critical academic skills including reading, language arts, and math. Plus, The Arts provide students with the skills to creatively solve problems of all kinds.

“Studies show that art-centered schools outscore non-art-centered schools in academic achievement scores,” says Lynda Resnick of the Huffington Post. “Art education can actually help the brain to rewire itself, to make stronger and more plentiful neural connections, and can help build memory skills. Self-discipline, intuition, reasoning, imagination, and dexterity are just a few of the other benefits of an art-filled education, especially for primary school students.”

Back to Basics K-12 Private School students show off some of their amazing artwork during March for the Arts month!

The history of March for The Arts

March for the Arts was founded in 2003, when Delaware Senator Dorinda A. Connor authored Senate Bill No. 116, designating the month of March as “March for Arts in Education Month.” Today, the month of March continues to recognize excellence in education for Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre and Visual Art.

How you can celebrate March for The Arts

You can observe March for the Arts by participating in or attending arts-related activities.  Luckily, opportunities for self-expression through The Arts abound in the tri-state area!

If your child loves music, The Wilmington Children’s Chorus is a diverse children’s choir in Wilmington, Delaware committed to providing free and open access to all interested children, regardless of their financial, social or ethnic background. To learn a musical instrument and receive 1-on-1 instruction, from violin to guitar and so much more, try Back to Basics Learning Dynamics.

For children bitten by the drama bug, The Delaware Children’s Theatre (DCT) has been entertaining audiences of all ages for over forty seasons!

Children who are passionate about the visual arts will love a visit to the Delaware Art Museum for inspiration. And, children of all ages (and adults, too!) can receive 1-on-1 instruction in a wide variety of media at Back to Basics Learning Dynamics.

Whatever they choose, let the beauty and unique experience of The Arts enrich your child’s life this March… and all year long!

About Back to Basics K-12 Private School

Back to Basics Private School in Wilmington, Delaware offers a unique school environment for students in grades K-12 and a focus unlike any other school in the state. With a cap of 15 students, Back to Basics Private School provides students with customized, 1-on-1 instruction and self-esteem building by experienced, degreed instructors.

At Back to Basics Private School, we create a personalized team to tailor an integrated curriculum to the specific needs and abilities of your child. The teaching staff is dedicated to the growth and development of your child academically, socially, mentally and emotionally.

To learn more about Delaware’s only Department of Education-approved 1-on-1 private school, call us at 302-594- 0685.

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