Why do parents choose a private school? A low teacher to student ratio was the #1 answer!

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The top reasons why parents chose a private school for their children are all related to school climate and classroom management, including better student discipline, better learning environment, improved student safety and more individual attention.

And, according to  the Council for American Private Education, a whopping “84.2 percent of parents identified the ‘ratio of students per teacher.'”

Back to Basics Private School offers a unique school environment for students in grades K-12 and a focus unlike any other school in the state. With a cap of 15 students, Back to Basics Private School provides students with customized, 1-on-1 instruction in all subjects.

Back to Basics Private School creates a personalized team to tailor an integrated curriculum to the specific needs and abilities of each child. The result is an environment where success is possible for all students

In fact, the school is so successful, that Back to Basics Private School is Delaware’s only Department of Education-approved private school! Read about some of our students at Success Stories. Or, click the video below to hear about one student’s journey.

To learn more about Back to Basics Private School or to arrange a tour, please contact us at 302-594-0685.

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